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Upper Mississippi River Pool Plans

What are Pool Plans?  The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Iowa Department of Natural Resources, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and Missouri Department of Conservation are working with the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the US Army Corps of Engineers to  develop long range vision documents for restoration and management of the Upper Mississippi River System. 

What do Pool Plans contain? Pool plans represent summarized input received from State and Federal natural resource managers, river scientists, and the public regarding the desired future condition of the Upper Mississippi River.   This input has been gathered in a variety of public and agency meetings over the last three years.  Once completed, they will serve as guidelines for future river management.   The agencies see general public understanding and support of these plans to be crucial to successful restoration and protection of the river system.  “Pool Planning” is a generic term and also encompasses plans for river reaches where no navigation pools are formed by locks and dams.

Pool Plans will be living documents, and will be updated periodically as river conditions and the needs of organisms they support change, the capabilities of the responsible agencies changes, and the desired future vision of the stakeholders changes.

Maps provided during Pool Plan review are conceptual in nature and illustrate a vision of what habitat could look like in 50 years.  The exact acreage and location of features shown may be revised.  This will be done throughout the river by the Fish and Wildlife Work Group between the Twin Cities and Guttenberg, Iowa; from Guttenberg to Saverton, Missouri by the Fish and Wildlife Interagency Committee; and from Saverton to Cairo, Illinois by the River Resources Action Team.

Who will use Pool Plans?  Pool Plans will be used to varying degrees in development of US Fish and Wildlife Service, Comprehensive Conservation Plans, Corps of Engineers alternatives for the Restructured Navigation Study, Corps Dredged Material Management Plans and Channel Maintenance Plans, The Environmental Management Program, and the Upper Mississippi River Comprehensive Plan for Systemic Flood Damage Reduction.


Randy Urich, Fish and Wildlife Work Group Chair,

Bob Clevenstine, Fish and Wildlife Interagency Committee Chair, 309/793-5800,

Dan Erickson, River Resources Action Team co-Chair,


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Last updated: June 3, 2009