Media Tip Sheet
Midwest Region

In the Field with SCEP Student Lionel Grant

As a SCEP student and Visitor Services Park Ranger for Minnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge, Lionel Grant is responsible for the creation and implementation of environmental education programming. He is charged with the task of finding ways to connect surrounding members of the underserved community with the refuge.

Grant says his interest was piqued in the Service while serving as chapter president of an organization called Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources & Related Sciences (MANRRS) at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. His goal was to find ways that MANRRS could get involved with the Crab Orchard NWR which is located just outside of Carbondale, in Marion, Ill. As a then volunteer at a local refuge, he heard about a possible SCEP opening in the Midwest Region through an e-mail. "I jumped on it," he says. "I landed my career in the Service by maintaining a healthy relationship with refuges within my area."

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Last updated: April 4, 2013