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Cycle of Success: Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program

There's a reason the Service's Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program has been called "The Cycle of Success." As part of the Sport Fish program, anglers and other outdoor recreationists pay taxes on the tools of their trade - fishing tackle and gear, motorboat fuel, electric trolling motors - and these taxes fund state conservation efforts to sustain sport fishing. These efforts include habitat improvement, conducting surveys and research, providing boating and fishing access, sport fish stocking, and the increasingly important task of educating the public about aquatic resources. The WSFR program facilitates partnerships between federal and state agencies, which in turn make conservation work around the country possible. WSFR administers more than $183 million in grants to states and tribes in our eight-state region. For more information on grants supported by the WSFR federal aid program visit

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Last updated: April 4, 2013