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We work with public and private entities to conserve and restore Wisconsin's endangered species, migratory birds, wetlands, and other important fish and wildlife resources.

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Feature Story


Kirtland's Warbler 2014

Nesting Season Reports


A male Kirtland's warbler in hand while banding.

As Kirtland's warblers continue nesting in Wisconsin, monitors track their

breeding season progress and banding studies elucidate their

strategies for expanding into new areas.

Photo Courtesy of Ashley Hannah


November 6, 2014

The Kirtland’s warbler monitoring season is an astoundingly short duration, lasting a mere 3 months. Males typically arrive in Wisconsin the second week in May or earlier, while females are estimated to arrive a week after the males. This year at the Adams County breeding site, our first male was confirmed by Joel Trick (retired Fish and Wildlife Service biologist) on May 11. Biologist and 2013 Kirtland’s nest monitor, Daryl Christansen, confirmed the first female at the site on May 19. The end of May to early June marked nest initiation, as the females diligently constructed nests and laid eggs. While the females incubated eggs, the males defended territory and foraged for insects not only for themselves, but to also keep the females well-fed. The first nest was confirmed by nest monitor Jonathan Stein on June 4 with 5 eggs!


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