Fisheries, Midwest Region
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Lake Trout

A National Success Story
After decades of restoration work, self-sustaining populations of lake trout have been established in Lake Superior. Lakes Michigan and Huron are showing signs of recruitment but research continues to identify major limiting factors affecting lake trout restoration in these two lakes.The Service continues to lead lake trout restoration efforts with strong support from our partners.

Recent accomplishments include maintaining 6 genetically diverse strains of brood stock, producing millions of eggs for stocking and production programs, stocking over 40 offshore reefs with approximately 4 million marked yearling lake trout, leading a multi-agency sampling effort to determine the effectiveness of lake trout stockings, recovering data from thousands of coded wire tags, leading a cooperative sampling effort to determine the limitations of stocking success, maintaining the Great Lakes Stocking Database, and providing written reports on lake trout restoration progress.