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S7 Consultation Technical Assistance

Decision Process for "No Effect" Determinations


HUD Projects - Step 4


Step 4: Does your project entail one of the following:


• the rehabilitation of existing buildings, if the rehabilitation does not significantly alter present capacity or use, or


• the reconstruction or resurfacing of existing infrastructure (e.g.,streets, sewers, sidewalks, etc.) without disturbance to previously undisturbed ground, or


• the removal of urban blight, through the demolition of unwanted and unsightly structures, provided that the locations for disposal and stockpiling of demolition debris are clearly described in project plans and do not contain plant or animal habitats, or


• the refinancing or remortgaging of existing buildings or structures.


Yes - Click here to continue with Step 5 of the "no effect" determination process.


No - Your project requires further review. Click here to return to Step 1 of the S7 Technical Assistance web pages.



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Last updated: April 14, 2015