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Partners for Fish & Wildlife Program and

Other Funding Opportunities

Image: Landowners attending habitat restoration project.


The Chicago Illinois Field Office helps private landowners, homeowner’s associations, park districts, and other local agencies restore native communities on their property. 


Our office provides both financial and technical assistance to partners on a wide variety of fish and wildlife habitat restoration projects.  Many times restoration projects are a group effort involving other natural resource organizations such as the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, or the Natural Resources Conservation Service.  


In addition to the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, our office also participates in several other funding processes and grant programs related to habitat restoration. Examples of activities funded under these programs include, but are not limited to: 


(1) Planting native vegetation to restore prairies, woodlands, wetlands, or other habitats. 


(2) Removal of non-native plants that compete with native fish and wildlife, and alter their habitats.  


(3) Restoring wetland hydrology by plugging drainage ditches, breaking tile drainage systems, or installing water control structures.


(4) Reconstruction of in-stream and streamside habitat through bioengineering techniques.


(5) Conservation Research.  Especially research of issues concerning conservation of federally endangered, threatened, or candidate species, or priority species in Region 3.  


For additional information on habitat restoration and funding opportunities available through the Chicago Illinois Field Office, contact Habitat Restoration Coordinator Mike Redmer at (847)381-2253 ext. 16.



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Last updated: February 23, 2015