Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
    • Wildlife Observation and Photography
    • Eagle

Many refuge dike roads offer excellent wildlife observation and photography opportunities.  Wildlife utilizes different habitats and to provide a wide range of wildlife viewing, six hiking trails are provided to allow access in more remote areas.



Bald Eagle - Photo by Joel Reynolds

Hiking Trails

    • Cruickshank Trail is a 5 mile loop around an impounded marsh and is located at Stop 9 of Black Point Wildlife Drive.  Restrooms are located in the parking lot and two observation towers are within a short walk of the trailhead.
    • Wild Bird Trail is a ¼ mile trail located at Stop 3 of Black Point Wildlife Drive.  Two wildlife observation blinds provide views of different marsh habitats.
    • Scrub Ridge Trail is a 3/4 mile loop routed through oak scrub and is a good place to see scrub jays and other scrub species.
    • Pine Flatwoods Trail is a 1 mile loop and follows fire breaks though pines and oak scrub.    
    • Oak and Palm Hammock trails provide ½ mile and 2 mile trails through hardwood hammocks.

    Scrub Ridge Trail - Photo by Susan Waldron

    Hammock Trail

    Hammock Trail - Photo by Susan Waldron

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