Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region

Mosquito Lagoon

The Pole & Troll Zones were developed with extensive input from anglers and are intended to improve the quality of flats fishing and reduce prop scarring. The two Pole & Troll Zones cover 3,143 acres of the 21,000 acre Mosquito Lagoon.


To be in compliance with the regulations of the Zones, internal combustion engines must be off, (except in the posted channels) and boats drafting more than 12" at rest may not enter. Boats that enter the zone must switch to a non-internal combustion power source such as polling or paddling.  Electric trolling motors are permitted.  Boats may operate under power only in the posted running channels. The boundary of the Pole & Troll Zones is posted with white or yellow buoys and the running channels are marked with red and green day markers.


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