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Habitat Work on Private Farm and Ranch Land

What We Do
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Partners for Fish and Wildlife (PFW) Program works cooperatively with farmers and ranchers to restore and improve wildlife habitat on private land. The program provides technical and financial assistance, and often works in partnership with other conservation agencies, to complete habitat projects.

Where We Work
Sheridan, Roosevelt, and Daniels counties, including the Fort Peck Indian Reservation, have been designated the Missouri Coteau Focus Area by the PFW program. This focus area lies within the Prairie Pothole Region (North America's Duck Factory) of the north-central US and western Canada . The north and east portions of the focus area are part of the Missouri Coteau-a land form characterized by rolling hills and very high numbers of shallow wetlands. Mixed grass prairie, tame grasslands, and crop land constitute the majority of the vegetative cover on the landscape.

Habitat Projects
The PFW program works on a wide variety of habitat projects, but the most common include wetland restorations, wetland creations and repair (stock dams), grazing system development, re-seeding of marginal cropland to grassland to be used for grazing or haying, and piping plover habitat enhancement.

Contact information
For more information contact Tim Connolly at the Medicine Lake National Wildlife Refuge 406/789-2305 x 103.


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