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General Regulations

For rules and regulations other than fishing and hunting, please visit the respective web sites to your left.

Notice About Dove Hunting at McKay Creek

There was an error in the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Hunting Pamphlet. Dove hunting is NOT allowed at McKay Creek National Wildlife Refuge.

Hunting Regulations & Maps

Mid-Columbia River RegulationsThe 2014-2015 Hunting Tear Sheets are now available!

2014-2015 Cold Springs NWR
2014-2015 Columbia NWR
2014-2015 Conboy Lake NWR
2014-2015 Hanford Reach National Monument
2014-2015 McKay Creek NWR
2014-2015 McNary NWR, Headquarters (McNary Fee Hunt)
2014-2015 McNary NWR, Two Rivers & Peninsula
2014-2015 McNary NWR, Wallula
2014-2015 Toppenish NWR
2014-2015 Umatilla NWR, McCormack
2014-2015 Umatilla NWR, Boardman, Paterson, Ridge, Whitcomb

Fishing Regulations & Maps

Columbia & McNary National Wildlife Refuges have Fishing Regulations Tear Sheets available.

Columbia NWR Fishing Regulations
McNary NWR Fishing Regulations

Hunting Results – McCormack (Umatilla) & Fee Area (McNary)

2010-11 McNary Hunting Results
2011-12 McNary Hunting Results
2012-13 McNary Hunting Results
2013-14 McNary Hunting Results
2014-15 McNary Hunting Results
2010-11 Umatilla Hunting Results
2011-12 Umatilla Hunting Results
2012-13 Umatilla Hunting Results
2013-14 Umatilla Hunting Results
2014-15 Umatilla Hunting Results


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