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For Emergencies or to Report Poaching in Progress

      For emergencies, or to report poaching in progress, dial 911.
      Oregon: For non-emergency wildlife-related issues in Oregon, call the Oregon State Patrol at (541) 776-6111.
      Washington: For non-emergency wildlife-related issues in Washington, call the Washington State Patrol at (509) 575-2320.

Notice About Dove Hunting at McKay Creek

There was an error in the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife Hunting Pamphlet. Dove hunting is NOT allowed at McKay Creek National Wildlife Refuge.

Hunting Regulations & Maps

Mid-Columbia River RegulationsFor rules and regulations other than fishing on McNary and Columbia and hunting, please visit the respective web sites to your left.

The 2014-2015 Hunting Tear Sheets are now available!

2014-2015 Cold Springs NWR
2014-2015 Columbia NWR
2014-2015 Conboy Lake NWR
2014-2015 Hanford Reach National Monument
2014-2015 McKay Creek NWR
2014-2015 McNary NWR, Headquarters (McNary Fee Hunt)
2014-2015 McNary NWR, Two Rivers & Peninsula
2014-2015 McNary NWR, Wallula
2014-2015 Toppenish NWR
2014-2015 Umatilla NWR, McCormack
2014-2015 Umatilla NWR, Boardman, Paterson, Ridge, Whitcomb

Fishing Regulations & Maps

Columbia & McNary National Wildlife Refuges have Fishing Regulations Tear Sheets available.

Columbia NWR Fishing Regulations
McNary NWR Fishing Regulations

Hunting Results – McCormack (Umatilla) & Fee Area (McNary)

2010-11 McNary Hunting Results
2011-12 McNary Hunting Results
2012-13 McNary Hunting Results
2013-14 McNary Hunting Results
2014-15 McNary Hunting Results
2010-11 Umatilla Hunting Results
2011-12 Umatilla Hunting Results
2012-13 Umatilla Hunting Results
2013-14 Umatilla Hunting Results
2014-15 Umatilla Hunting Results


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