Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge
85 Mattamuskeet Road
Swan Quarter, North Carolina 27885

Contact: Jerry Fringeli 252-926-4021

News Release

July 1, 2004 Youth Works Assists Mattamuskeet Refuge Cleanup Effort

YouthWorks group picking up trash along the highway

YouthWorks, a Christian Organization with 76 work sites in North America, recently led a work group on Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge to pick up litter along the Hwy 94 causeway. “Their assistance was greatly appreciated, as the Refuge is making a renewed effort to improve the cleanliness and appearance of popular public use areas”, stated the new Refuge Manager, Bruce Freske . Freske stated that an important part of their plan is to engage organizations and the public to work with staff in cleaning up the Refuge and discourage future littering.

YouthWorks has been working throughout Hyde County for a couple of weeks and will remain there into August. Mayme McCorison, a spokesperson for YouthWorks, said the organization has been working on a variety of projects in the county including painting, tearing down old buildings, home renovation, etc. The young workers in the program come from established church youth groups throughout the U.S.. Each week, a new group of youths arrives in the County to replace the outgoing group.