Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge
85 Mattamuskeet Road
Swan Quarter, North Carolina 27885

Contact: Jerry Fringeli 252-926-4021

News Release

September 14, 2004

New Fishing Piers Proposed for Lake Mattamuskeet

Map showing locations of proposed and current structures along the lake mattamuskeet bridge

The establishment of two new fishing piers was recently proposed by staff at Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Refuge. The piers would be located along the NC Hwy 94 Causeway.

Accessibility guidelines for the mobility impaired and benches to make fishing and wildlife viewing more comfortable will also be considered in the design of the piers. Currently, plans call for the piers to be located near existing highway culverts and to be approximately 20 feet long with a 20 foot long end to form a “T” shaped pier.

The areas on the Refuge where the piers are proposed are already available for use by fishermen and wildlife viewers, however, the piers would allow access to the mobility impaired and provide access for others who have difficulty negotiating the lake shoreline.

In addition to the piers, several benches are also planned near the causeway culverts, as well as a small fishing and wildlife viewing platform along the west side of Central Canal.

Refuge Manager, Bruce Freske, stated “The project was inspired by local volunteers, who approached me and said they would provide the funds and help necessary to construct fishing piers and benches. I only needed to provide site information and ensure that all Refuge regulations and guidelines are met.”

Hyde County is also an important partner in the project. County officials agreed to allow a portion of the county’s occupancy tax to go towards the purchase of materials for the piers and benches.

The public is encouraged to provide Refuge staff with any comments or concerns they have in regard to the proposed project. Comments may be directed to Refuge Manager Bruce Freske. He may be contacted by phone (252-926-4021), email (, or mail (38 Mattamuskeet Road, Swan Quarter, NC 27885). The formal comment period will end on October 30, 2004.