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News Release

June 9, 2011

Currituck National Wildlife Refuge Adds “No Parking/No Stopping Zone” Adjacent to Former Naval Target Area

Currituck National Wildlife Refuge Manager Mike Hoff announced today that the Monkey Island Unit of the Refuge, formerly closed due to unexploded ordinance (UXO), will expand this closure to include a “No Parking/No Stopping Zone”. Recent meetings with the Army Corps of Engineers identified the need to maintain the Unit closure even after proposed UXO remediation efforts. One technique to address public safety is signage identifying the danger in the area. However, “signage has proven ineffective”, Hoff said, with over 650 documented trespass incidents last year within the impacted area. “A no parking/no stopping zone adjacent to the UXO area seems to be the next logical step to ensure visitor safety,” Hoff added. Historically, Currituck County enforced a no parking/no stopping zone for the first half-mile north of Corolla, NC. This year the county closure was moved to the southern edge of the refuge UXO area. The new refuge UXO "no parking or stopping" area, added to the existing county closure will result in a no parking zone from the end of NC12, 1.5 miles north to Mile Post 14.

Map of Area
An area of beach on and adjacent to Currituck National Wildlife Refuge is now designated as “No Parking/No Stopping Zone” for public safety due to unexploded ordinance (UXO).
Map Credit: USFWS.