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News Release

October 12, 2011

Horse Management – In the Hands of the Specialists

The Corolla Wild Horse Management Plan, updated every five years, expires in January 2012. Currituck National Wildlife Refuge Manager Mike Hoff announced today that the refuge will step down as a signer to the plan thereby ensuring horse management is handled by equine specialists. In this situation, the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service is simply a landowner. Issues such as herd number, genetic viability, and genetic reintroductions will be the responsibility of the signers to the revised plan. Hoff stated, “In these difficult times, we are looking at efficiencies within all programs. It makes sense to step away from the horse issue and focus on the 400 species we are charged with managing.” The refuge will continue to participate in the quarterly Corolla Wild Horse Advisory Board meetings, but in the same capacity as other landowner representatives.