Waterfowl Production Areas

Waterfowl Production Areas (WPA’s) are lands that were purchased and are managed to provide high quality wetlands and nesting cover for waterfowl and many other species of wildlife. All WPAs are open for public to enjoy. Activities include hunting, birdwatching, hiking, and photography.

Hunting and trapping are permitted in accordance with North Dakota Game and Fish Department regulations.

WPAs are open to foot traffic only. Motorized vehicles are not permitted in order to protect wildlife and habitat. Most WPAs have only limited facilities, so camping is also not permitted. Consult the Management Office regarding a complete list of areas.



Coteau Prairie Waterfowl Production Area

More than 2,700 acres of prairie grasses, wildflowers, and wetlands provide great opportunities for hunting, trapping, and wildlife observation at Coteau Prairie WPA. This area has a large tract of undisturbed native prairie.



North Dakota #2 Waterfowl Production Area

A large island in the middle of the largest wetland makes this area an ideal "Mallard Motel." Large shallow wetlands are typical throughout this part of the Coteau.

Lots of Mallards


Piping Plover Waterfowl Production Area

Threatened piping plovers nest on the alkaline beaches of this WPA. Access is limited to protect these nesting sites. Contact the Wetland District Manager for further information.

Piping Plover


Sikes Waterfowl Production Area

Sikes dam was originally built in 1933 and received major renovations 1994. Today, waterfowl and other migratory birds use the 340-acre marsh created by the dam.


Moen Waterfowl Production Area

The riparian habitat along Shell Creek attracts a rich diversity of wildlife species to Moen WPA. This habitat is special because it is uncommon on the prairie.



Halvorson Waterfowl Production Area

The deeper waters in the wetlands on this WPA make it attractive for diving ducks, particularly canvasbacks and redheads. It is also a good place to observe the fall migration of ducks and geese.


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