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NOTICE: Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge will begin the rehabilitation of it's Auto Tour Route beginning August 15, 2012. The Auto Tour Route will be closed to the public on weekdays starting August 15, 2012, but will be open on the weekends. The Auto Tour Route, which is normally closed to the public from October through March in order to provide as little disturbance as possible to Migratory Birds, will be fully open starting May, 2013. If you have any questions, please contact Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge at (701) 848-2722.

Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge lies in the highly productive prairie pothole region that produces more ducks than any other region in the lower 48 states. The refuge is a land of rolling hills mantled in short-grass and mixed grass prairie interspersed with numerous wetlands. Established to preserve a unique wildlife habitat, Lostwood is an important link in our nation's system of National Wildlife Refuges.

Lostwood NWR Named Globally Important Bird Area

American Bird Conservancy ABC's Globally Important Bird Areas of the United States

Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge was officially named one of America's top 500 Globally Important Bird Areas (IBA) by the national non-profit organization, American Bird Conservancy (ABC), in recognition of its significance in the ongoing effort to conserve wild birds and their habitats.


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