Feathers and Fur

Waterfowl and other water-dependant birds are some of Lostwood's highlights. Blue-winged teal, mallard, gadwall, widgeon, and lesser scaup are abundant while redheads and canvasbacks are less common. Other water birds include Virginia rail, marbled godwit, Wilson' s phalarope, and American avocet.


Baird's, savannah, and grasshopper sparrows, upland sandpiper, and Sprague's pipit call on grassland to claim their territorial rights. In early spring, the abundant sharp-tailed grouse engage in elaborate courtship rituals on numerous dancing grounds. Northern harriers, or marsh hawks, drift low over the prairie in search of meadow mice.

Red-Tailed Hawk

Giant Canada geese, once thought to be extinct, again nest on the prairie. The majestic birds were reintroduced on Lostwood in 1964.

Blue-Winged Teal

White-tailed deer,badger, weasel, and white-tailed jackrabbit are common. Encroaching brush and aspen attract cottontail, showshoe hare, beaver, and porcupine. The howl of the wolf, however, has been replaced with the yodel of the coyote and the yap of the fox.

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