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Crosby Wetland Management District


Crosby Wetland Management District (WMD) is located in Divide, Burke, and Williams Counties in northwestern North Dakota. The district includes over 17,000 acres of Waterfowl Production Areas (WPA's), numerous grassland and wetland easement contracts (see below), and the 3,219 acre Lake Zahl National Wildlife Refuge.

Thad Fuller Unit

WPA's are lands owned by the Fish and Wildlife Service and are managed to establish and protect waterfowl breeding and nesting habitat. There are 96 WPA's scattered in the three county district. They vary in size from the 12-acre Olson Unit in Williams County, to the 2,270-acre Fuller Unit in Williams County.

Wetlands and grasslands have also been preserved on private property by the purchase of easements from landowners who have agreed not to drain, fill or burn their wetlands, or to till their grasslands. There are several hundred easement contracts in the Crosby Wetlands Management District that protect nearly 70,000 acres of wetlands and over 25,000 acres of native grasslands.

The Lake Zahl National Wildlife Refuge is managed primarily for waterfowl production but it is also used by thousands of waterfowl and other water birds as a resting and feeding area during migration.

Appam Lake WPA Named Globally Important Bird Area

American Bird Conservancy ABC's Globally Important Bird Areas of the United States

Appam Lake Waterfowl Production Area  was officially named one of America's top 500 Globally Important Bird Areas (IBA) by the national non-profit organization, American Bird Conservancy (ABC), in recognition of its significance in the ongoing effort to conserve wild birds and their habitats.

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