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NOTICE: Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge will begin the rehabilitation of it's Auto Tour Route beginning August 15, 2012. The Auto Tour Route will be closed to the public on weekdays starting August 15, 2012, but will be open on the weekends. The Auto Tour Route, which is normally closed to the public from October through March in order to provide as little disturbance as possible to Migratory Birds, will be fully open starting May, 2013. If you have any questions, please contact Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge at (701) 848-2722.

The Lostwood Wetland Management District Complex, located in Northwestern North Dakota, extends from eastern Burke County, north to the Canadian border, west to the Montana line, and south to Lake Sakakawea. The Complex encompasses five North Dakota Counties, and is comprised of three National Wildlife Refuges and two Wetland Management Districts.

audio of a flock of snow geese

audio of a flock of snow geese

audio of a flock of snow geese

audio of a flock of snow geese

Staffed offices include the Complex Headquarters, located 20 miles north of the City of Stanley on Lostwood National Wildlife Refuge (NWR),Lostwood Wetland Management District (WMD), also locted at complex headquarters, and the Crosby Wetland Management District, located 2 miles south of Crosby on Highway 42 (Carlson WPA). Lake Zahl National Wildlife Refuge and Shell Lake National Wildlife Refuge are managed from the Crosby and Lostwood offices.

A variety of wildland habitats are present, ranging from prairie creeks and rivers to rolling hills covered with native prairie grasses and dotted with numerous wetlands; and from flat croplands to gradual slopes leading downward towards Lake Sakakawea, and the rather rough breaks and bluffs that border this impoundment on the Missouri River system.

You are invited to follow the links to learn more about this rural area that abounds with large varieties of prairie wildlife, or, better yet, to obtain information for planning a trip to the Prairie Pothole Region of Northwestern North Dakota.

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