Long Lake National Wildlife Refuge
Mountain-Prairie Region


Printable fishing map and regulations

The U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service provides access for anglers at Long Lake National Wildlife Refuge where fishing is compatible with other refuge programs, activities, and purposes.

Northern pike are the primary species caught, although occasional yellow perch and walleye are caught. Bullheads and carp are also found in Refuge waters. Fishing success is usually best in Long Lake Creek near where it enters Long Lake because fish concentrate here. Long Lake is shallow and generally does not support sport fish, except when water flows into the lake at high levels. These high flows improve water quality and allow fish to survive for a number of years. However, winter kills and decreased water quality can erase fish populations.



All State regulations apply to fishing on Long Lake National Wildlife Refuge.

Open Areas

Fishing is only allowed on Long Lake Creek and Unit I. Unit II and Unit III are CLOSED to fishing. See printable fishing map.

Boats and Motors
Boats and canoes with motors of a maximum horsepower of 25 HP are permitted on the Refuge portions of Long Lake Creek form May 1 - September 30 annually.

Shore Access

Shoreline access is provided along the Refuge Headquarters entrance road, B-dike and the South Fishing Area along the township road that borders the South Refuge Boundary - areas designated in pink on map. Fishing from bridges is prohibited. An accessible pier is provided for public use.

Fishing Hours

Fishing is permitted only during daylight hours.



Parking areas are provided at each of the access areas: south of the North Bridge, and south of the South Bridge. Anglers can park along ‘B’ dike provided vehicles are parked not to obstruct traffic. This is the main entrance road into the Refuge and is often used by large delivery trucks. Vehicles obstructing traffic will be cited. Keep in mind that shoulders of dikes may be soft after rain or snow melt.

Ice Fishing

Ice-fishing is permitted. Ice houses may be used in accordance with State regulations. Vehicles are not permitted on the ice or off established trails including county, township, and refuge roads. Snowmobiles and other off road machines are not permitted anywhere on the refuge.

Enjoy the scenery, sights, sounds, and fishing here on the Refuge. Please remember to pick up your trash and leave the Refuge clean like you found it and obey the law. Wildlife come first here. You can help ensure that fishing will be enjoyed in the future by being responsible for your actions.
Last updated: August 8, 2011