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Adult Spring Chinook Salmon Returns

Adult Spring Chinook Salmon - Photo: USFWS
Adult spring Chinook salmon

2015 Total Return = 6,557*

(*Updated November 20, 2015)

2014 Total Return = 4,375

2013 Total Return = 2,094>

2012 Total Return = 3,749

2011 Total Return = 4,970

2010 Total Return = 11,307

2009 Total Return = 3,232

Note: These counts are returns into Leavenworth NFH. Many salmon that return to Icicle Creek are caught in the sport and tribal fishery and a few adults remain in the river. The hatchery needs to spawn 1,000 adults, 500 females and 500 males to get eggs to produce 1.2 million juvenile fish that will be released about 20 months after the eggs are taken. Salmon that enter the hatchery not needed for spawning are excessed to regional tribes for use in ceremonies and other beneficial uses as well as to some groups to help fund conservation and education programs.

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Click here to see Washington State emergency rules currently in effect for salmon in freshwater

Chinook Salmon - Photo: USFWS
Chinook Salmon
Coho Salmon- Photo: NMFS Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Coho Salmon
NMFS Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Steelhead Trout - Photo: USFWS
Steelhead Trout
Rainbow Trout - Photo: USFWS
Rainbow Trout
Pacific Lamprey - Photo: USFWS
Pacific Lamprey
Bull Trout - Photo: USFWS
Bull Trout
Aquatic Invasive Species Zebra Mussels - Photo: USGS
Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Zebra Mussels
Last updated: November 20, 2015
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