Leadville National Fish Hatchery
Mountain-Prairie Region
Leadville Current Issues: (Photos clockwise from top) Whirling disease sign, Don't spread whirling disease, One year old greenback cutthroat trout

Since the discovery of whirling disease in 1995, the hatchery has undergone numerous renovations. All earthen bottom ponds are no longer used for trout production due to contamination from whirling disease. To make up for lost production capacity eight new concrete raceways were built for trout rearing. A water treatment plant was also built in 2004 to further combat whirling disease. The plant houses two drum filters, two disc filters, and four UV radiators which remove any whirling disease from the water source. Since 2006, the hatchery has been certified whirling disease free.


Don't Spread Whirling Disease Don't Spread Whirling Disease

Don't transport fish - live or dead
from one body of water to another

Remove all mud from boat, trailer,
waders, and fish gear
Don't dispose of fish entrails
into any body of water
Drain all water from boat, coolers
and other equipment before leaving fishing access site