Lake Champlain Fish and Wildlife Resources Office
Northeast Region


Bill A

Bill Ardren
Senior Fish Scientist

  • Science Synthesis and Research
  • Native Fish Restoration
  • Conservation Genetics
(802) 872-0629 x15

BJ Allaire

BJ Allaire
Fish Biologist

  • Sea Lamprey Control (Assesment Team Leader)
  • Adult Lamprey Trapping
  • Larval Assesment
(802) 872-0629 x 26

Aaron Keech

Aaron Keech
Biological Science Technician

  • Landowner Coordinator - LCFWRO Sea Lamprey Control Program
  • Assistance with preparation of and in conducting control treatments
  • Web-page maintenance
(802) 872-0629

Ryan Crehan

Ryan Crehan
Wetland Restoration Biologist

  • Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program
  • Wildlife Management Institute Cooperator
(802) 872-0629 x24

Tony C

Anthony Curtis II
Physical Science Technician

  • Assists Sea Lamprey Assement, Trapping, and Control
  • Equipment Maintence
(802) 872-0629 x25


Helen Fersing
Administrative Assistant

  • Administrative Assistant for LCFWRO
(802) 872-0629 x 10

Katie Kain

Katie Kain
Fish and Wildlife Biologist

  • Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program
  • Private Lands Coordinator
  • Riparian Restoration Specialist
(802) 872-0629 x 30


Madeleine Lyttle
Fish Biologist

  • Fish Passage Coordinator for Vermont and New York
  • River Restoration Specialist
  • Project Manager
(802) 872-0629 x21

Jaime M

Jaime Masterson
Fish Biologist

  • Fish Passage for Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program
  • Fish Communities Supervisor
  • Fisheries Information System Coordinator
(802) 872-0629 x 14

Peter Firkey

Peter Firkey
Admimistrative Officer

  • Contract and Grant Administration
  • Budget and Finance
(802) 872-0629 x 11

Chris S

Chris Smith
Supervisory Fish and Wildlife Biologist

  • State Coordinator, Partners For Fish and Wildlife Program
  • LCFWRO Habitat Team Leader
(802) 872-0629 x20

Steve Smith

Stephen Smith
Fish Biologist

  • Liaison to NY State Dept.of Environmental Conservation
  • Sea Lamprey Control (Lampricide Treatment Supervisor)
  • Salmon and Lake Trout Assessment
(802) 872-0629 x23

Nick S

Nicholas Staats
Fish Biologist

  • Liaison to Vermont Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
  • Sea Lamprey Control
  • Lake Champlain Forage Fish Assessment and Salmonid Restoration
(802) 879-5679

Leah Szfranski

Leah Szafranski  
Monitoring Specialist

  • Intervale Liaison to Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program
  • Riparian Restoration Specialist
  • Restoration Project Monitoring
(802) 872-0629 x28


Bradley Young
Supervisory Fish Biologist

  • LCFWRO Sea lamprey Control Program Coordinator
  • Sea Lamprey Barriers
  • Lake Champlain Fisheries Technical Committee, Chair
(802) 872-0629 x19





Last updated: January 21, 2016
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