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Fisheries Restoration

The Fish and Wildlife Service works with its state and private partners to restore native salmonid species on Lake Champlain. Landlocked Atlantic salmon is one such species that have benefited from these efforts. Dams, pollution and sea lamprey parasitism eliminated native Salmon from Lake Champlain by the early 1900's.

New Stocking Methods

Investigating new stocking strategies ensure that what salmon are put into the lake survive to provide a recreational fishery and return to rivers to spawn.

Fish Passage

Providing passage over barriers allows salmon access to critical spawning and nursery areas and promotes the opportunity for natural reproduction. The Winooski River fish trap and truck project was designed to truck salmon and steelhead rainbow trout around dams to reach suitable spawning habitat and provide more fishing opportunities.

Click Here For Archived Annual Winooski Lift and Forage Study Reports



Evaluating the Services efforts tracks our success and determines future needs.



Last updated: August 27, 2014
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