Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge
Mountain-Prairie Region

Lacreek National Wildlife Refuge Migration Update
March 12, 2014

Early spring migrants are beginning to arrive with the warm weather and most of the ice and snow has melted. Flocks of Canada geese can still be seen flying to and from the refuge mid-morning as well as the occasional group of snow geese. Pintail, American widgeon, common golden eye, and mergansers have arrived this week, as well as a few great blue heron and American white pelican. Some of the early spring passerines have also arrived such as red-winged and yellow-headed black birds, western meadow lark, and horned lark. A few killdeer have been heard and the snapping turtles are beginning to emerge from the mud. Some of the winter raptors such as rough-legged hawk are still here, but the northern harrier and red-tailed hawk are beginning to arrive. Road conditions are good right now, but this could change with spring precipitation. Please check weather conditions before coming to the refuge. Bring your binoculars and take a hike on one of our trails, happy birding.



Waterfowl use of the Refuge may change daily due to the interaction between weather and migration events.
If you are planning a trip, feel free to contact Headquarters (605-685-6508) during normal business hours of 7 AM to 3:30 PM MST Monday through Friday excluding Holidays to check on road conditions.

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