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Indian Peafowl Feathers. Credit: USFWS

Students and Educators


Carved Elephant Ivory
Credit: USFWS.

Carved Elephant Ivory

Common Name: Elephant
Scientific Name: Order Proboscidea
Protected Status: varies by species
Laboratory Section: Morphology
What’s the Story? The intersecting lines shown on the bottom of this carved human effigy form what are called the Schreger angles; narrow angles indicate extinct elephants, and wide angles indicate extant (living today) elephants.


  • These photos change frequently. Check back for more mystery photos.
  • These photos should not be used for identification purposes.  Detailed information to assist with selected species identification problems can be found at Publications and Identifications Guides.
  • For more information about Protected Status, view our U.S. Wildlife Laws page.
  • You may download these photos for educational purposes with credit to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), but cannot use them for commercial purposes or sell them.
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