Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge
Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge
Mountain-Prairie Region


Social Media Sites Des Lacs NWR encompasses more than 19,500 acres along the Des Lacs River from the Canadian border to a point eight miles south of Kenmare, North Dakota. A mix of natural lakes and managed wetlands in the valley provide a haven for migrating and nesting waterfowl and marsh birds.

Spring visitors can enjoy the courtship dance of western grebes. Four other species of grebes also nest on the Refuge. During summer, American white pelicans are easy to spot as they feed on small fish. Broods of ducklings of various ages paddle through the marshes. Giant Canada geese commonly nest on the Refuge, producing between 150 and 200 young annually.

Read an interview with Refuge Manager, Chad Zorn, about the Improved Boat Dock Road in the Kenmare News



Please visit the refuge hunting link to view hunting regulations for the Refuge and to see the link to the North Dakota Game and Fish Department for complete regulations and proclamations.


Des Lacs NWR Named Globally Important Bird Area

Important Bird Area Sign Image Important Bird Area American Bird Conservancy Image Map link

Des Lacs National Wildlife Refuge was officially named one of America's top 500 Globally Important Bird Areas (IBA) by the national non-profit organization, American Bird Conservancy (ABC), in recognition of its significance in the ongoing effort to conserve wild birds and their habitats.

Last updated: April 4, 2014
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