Jackson National Fish Hatchery
Mountain-Prairie Region
Jackson Species and Production: (Photos clockwise from left) Stocking fish, Jackson new hatchery building, Spawning fish


To meet the trout production demands, the hatchery facilities include 21 raceways, 12 rectangular tanks, and 4 circular tanks that are fed by five wells and a series of springs. Each year, Jackson National Fish Hatchery produces over 1 million eggs and 400,000 trout. Additionally, over 15 different water areas are stocked.


As a result of the Jackson National Fish Hatchery propagation and broodstock program, economic benefits weigh-in at over 40,000 angler days of recreational fishing valued at over $4 million.


Snake River cutthroat troutCurrently, the hatchery produces Snake River cutthroat trout to fill needs for Federal, State, and Tribal waters in Wyoming and Idaho. These trout help to restore fish populations, mitigate losses due to federal water projects in Idaho and Wyoming, encourage sustainable fish populations and provide angling opportunities for recreational users like you.