Privacy Act

The Privacy Act addresses the Government's recordkeeping and disclosure practices concerning individual citizens. It applies to any record that is retrievable by personal identifier (such as name, social security number, or employee number).

Prior to creation of any such system of records, agencies are required to publish a Federal Register notice detailing:

What records are being kept;
Where they are being kept;
Who the system manager is; and
What the routine uses of the information will be.

The agencies have been directed to review their practices related to the Privacy Act to ensure that the use of new technologies sustains the protections of individual privacy provided by statute. The Department of the Interior is asking each bureau to:

Review their current Privacy Act systems to make sure they are current and in accordance with the Act.
Ensure that no unauthorized systems of records exist within the agency.

Additionally DOI requires that a Privacy Impact Assessment be completed on all systems that contain information on individuals. DOI also requires that all systems perform a "preliminary review" for information on individuals. The preliminary review is documentation to verify that we've looked at all systems to determine if they maintain information on individuals. Doing a "preliminary review" (completing the PIA template questions up to B.1.a.) will help you to determine if you need to complete a full Privacy Impact Assessment.

The Division of Information Resources and Technology Management:

Coordinates the completion of Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA).
Coordinates Privacy Act requests;
Prepares Privacy Act reports on behalf of the Service;
Coordinates the establishment of new systems of records and the revisions to existing systems; and;
Reviews Privacy Act systems within the Service.

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Updated OPM Government-wide notices.

Updated OPM Centralized System of Records Notices:

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4 Government-wide systems that GSA issued.  (Including ACES - Access Certificates for Electronic Services - issuance of digital signature certificates):

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