Appealing a FOIA

If you have filed a FOIA request and are not satisfied with your response, or have not received a response within the required timeframe (20 working days from the date the Service forwards the request to the appropriate program or Regional Office, or 30 days if the Service requested a 10-day extension), you may file a FOIA appeal. However, you may get a quicker response by contacting the Service FOIA Officer before undertaking the formal appeal process.

To informally pursue your complaint, you will need to provide the following information (include in your letter, if you choose to write):

  1. Name, address, and phone number of the requester;
  2. Date of the original request;
  3. A copy or summary of the original request;
  4. Where the request was sent;
  5. Whether you received a response or not, or whether the response received was unsatisfactory and why.

Johnny Hunt - Phone: 703-358-2504 or
E. Ray McLaughlin - Phone: 703-358-2698
Fax: 703-358-2251

Division of Information Resources and Technology Management
4401 N. Fairfax Drive Ste. 340
Arlington, VA 22203
Fax: 703-358-2251

To contact the FOIA Officer via Email,
use the following address:

If you are not satisfied with the results of your informal appeal of your FOIA request,
you may choose to file a formal FOIA appeal.


Last updated: May 30, 2012