Formal FOIA Appeal

To file a FOIA appeal:

  1. Label both your envelope and letter "FOIA Appeal."
  2. If you received a response to your request, and wish to appeal the response, send your appeal to the Interior Department's FOIA officer no more than 30 workdays from the date of the response you received.
  3. If you did not receive a response to your request within 20 workdays from the date the Service forwarded the request to the appropriate program or Regional Office (or 30 workdays, if the Service requested a 10-day extension), you may file your appeal at any time.
  4. Enclose a copy of your original request and copy of the denial letter or Service response or other correspondence.
  5. State the reason you are appealing (e.g., no response, denial of a fee waiver, or a withholding of information), and indicate why you believe the Service's action to be in error.
  6. Send your appeal to the following address:
    Department of the Interior
    Office of the Solicitor
    1849 C Street, N.W.
    Room 6556, Main Interior Building
    Washington, D.C 20240
    (Attn: FOIA Appeals Office)
    fax:  202 208 6677

You should receive a response regarding your appeal within 20 workdays after its receipt in that office.

Visit 43 CFR 2.18


Last updated: November 25, 2008