Division of Management Authority
International Affairs
Fact Sheets


African Elephant Conservation Fund – Grants Programs

Importing your African Elephant Trophy

U.S. Efforts to Control Illegal Elephant Ivory Trade and Internal Markets

Asian Elephant Conservation Fund – Grants Programs

Asian Elephant Ivory

Bontebok - Importing your Bontebok Sport-hunted Trophy

Captive-bred Wildlife Registration under the U.S. Endangered Species Act 1973

Giant Panda

Giant Panda Facts

Great Ape Conservation Fund – Grants Programs

Great Ape Conservation Fund - Mountain Gorillas

Great Ape Conservation Fund - Congo Basin

Leopard - Importing your African Leopard Trophy

Marine Mammals

Marine Turtle Conservation Fund
– Grants Programs

Multinational Species Fund 2007/Historical Funding Information – Grants Programs

Rhino/Tiger Conservation Fund – Grants Programs


CITES Overview

CITES Appendix II Supports Sustainable Use
CITES Appendix III

CITES COP...The Process for Becoming an Observer

CITES Meetings of the Conference of the Parties (COPs)

CITES Permits and Certificates

CITES Timber Brochure

Exporting CITES Bred-in-Captivity Wildlife

Proposed Revision of CITES Regulations


Importing Queen Conch


Asian Medicinals Q&As

Medicinal Plant Working Group

U.S. Plant Rescue Center Program


Wetland Management Planning - a Guide for Site Managers

Ramsar Convention Factsheet

U.S. Site Nomination and Designation

Western Hemisphere Migratory Species Initiate(WHMSI)

WHMSI May 2008
WHMSI Mayo de 2008

Wildlife Without Borders- Regional Programs

Africa Program – Grants Programs

Latin America and the Caribbean Program – Grants Programs

Mexico Program – Grants Programs

Russia Program – Grants Programs

Wildlife Without Borders 2007 Funding Information
– Grants Programs

U.S. Efforts to Control Illegal Elephant Ivory Trade and Internal Markets

U.S. Conservation Acts

U.S. Endangered Species Act

Wild Bird Conservation Act

Wild Bird Conservation Act Final Rule Summary

Wild Bird Conservation Act Summary of Effects
Wild Bird Conservation Act Traveling with your Pet Bird

Last updated: February 1, 2011
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