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Sage-grouse by Alan Sands

Bi-State Distinct Population Segment of Greater Sage-Grouse

A special rule proposed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service would protect the Bi-State Distinct Population Segment (DPS) of greater sage-grouse in California and Nevada under the ESA as a threatened species. The Service also proposes to designate 1,868,071 acres of critical habitat in five Nevada counties and three California counties. Two informational public meetings will take place in in California and Nevada regarding the proposals, along with a 60-day period for public comment on the proposed listing, special rule and proposed critical habitat designation. The comment period closes December 27, 2013. The Service is also seeking peer review from qualified members of the scientific community to ensure that the final decision is based on the best available science. This link will direct you to the Nevada FWS for more detailed information including maps, photographs and videos

Nevada FWS link for more detailed information including maps, photographs and videos
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USFWS Releases Report to Help Guide Greater Sage-Grouse Conservation

The final greater sage-grouse "Conservation Objectives Team" report is designed to help guide the efforts of the States and other partners to conserve the Greater sage-grouse with a landscape-level strategy that will benefit the species while maintaining a robust economy in the West.

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U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Releases Draft Report

To help guide States' and other partner efforts to conserve greater sage-grouse, a draft report prepared by state/federal scientists and sage-grouse experts, has been released that identifies the conservation status, threats, and objectives to ensure long-term sage-grouse conservation in the west. The draft report is a collaborative state and federal effort to evaluate sage-grouse conservation before the Service is required to make a decision in 2015 on whether to propose protecting the species under the ESA. The draft report has been submitted for scientific peer review, the results of which are due to the Service in the fall.

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