Huron Wetland Management District
Mountain-Prairie Region
Recreational Opportunities on Your WPA's
Sunrise Passing on the Tradition
Interpretive Trail
Credit: USFWS
Passing on the Tradition
Credit: Ryan Hagerty USFWS
WPAs are open to a multitude of recreational activities. Some include hiking, wildlife photography, and environmental education. Maga Ta-Hohpi WPA has interpretive signage and a paved hiking trail. Dogs are permitted for hunting, but must be kept on a leash for other uses when visiting WPAs. All the FWS lands in the Huron WMD are open for hunting, trapping, and fishing during open hunting seasons. There are small sections around our shop facility that have been closed for the safety of our employees. The use of non-toxic shot is required for hunting small game and waterfowl on all federal lands. The WPA’s are also open for big game hunting during open season.
Camping is not permitted on WPAs, but camping can often be found on State Game Fish and Parks property in close proximity to WPAs. Please visit the South Dakota Game Fish and Parks home page for camping opportunities and season dates and applications for hunting. .

We invite all to come to eastern South Dakota to enjoy the Prairie Jewels and the opportunities that they provide. For a complete list of regulations, please contact the District headquarters.



Last updated: February 22, 2011