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Huron Wetland Management District (WMD) was created on May 31, 1992. Huron WMD covers eight counties in east-central South Dakota. Headquartered in Huron, South Dakota, the District consists of 62 Waterfowl Production Areas (WPA), totaling 17,574 acres, in Beadle, Sanborn, Jerauld, Hand, Hyde, Hughes, Sully, and Buffalo counties. The topography of this area ranges from flat, gently rolling drift prairie to the Missouri Coteau hills in the western end of the District. The District lies in the midst of the world renowned "prairie pothole" region.

The public lands of Huron WMD, called waterfowl production areas (WPAs), are a part of the National Wildlife Refuge System. National wildlife refuges and WPAs are vitally important to wildlife and people. These lands are managed to provide habitat for endangered species, migratory birds, and other wildlife and to provide places for people to learn about and enjoy wildlife. WPAs are open to many public activities year-round. Access to WPAs is by foot travel only or vehicles in designated parking areas. Visitors to WPAs can expect to find a rich variety of plant and animal life.

The District staff also administers two easement programs with private landowners within Beadle, Buffalo, Hand, Hughes, Hyde, Jerauld, Sanborn and Sully counties. The wetland easement program consists of 87,600 acres of wetlands that are protected from drainage. The grassland easement program protects 150,900 acres of grasslands from plowing. Click on these links for additional information: Wetland Easements and Grassland Easements

Lands are acquired, in part, by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) with funds from the sale of Federal Duck Stamps. These easement lands remain in private ownership, but provide critical habitat for migratory birds and other wildlife.

Our draft Comprehensive Conservation Plan (CCP) for the Huron WMD, Madison WMD and Sand Lake WMD is now published and can be found at the following web site.


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