U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Historic Preservation
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Stone Cairn on the tundra. Animated graphic that says - Learn, discover, protect


Additional links that can be useful in your understanding of Cultural Resources and the stewardship role that federal agencies play.

FWS Antiquities Act Centennial

Iowa Academy of Science's National Wildlife Refuge Audio Series

Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR Cultural Resources

History of the National Wildlife Refuge System

Visit Archeology (see especially the national map)

National Conservation Training Center

USFWS Heritage Committee

Historic Preservation of Midway

Pacific Region (Region 1) Cultural Resources Web Site

Mountain-Prairie (Region 6) Cultural Resource Web Site for Partners

FEMA Heritage Program

Civilian Conservation Corps and the USFWS

Transportation Enhancements
(In relation to this, which requires projects be clearly related to a "surface transportation facility", a National Historic or Scenic Trail is a transportation facility).

Scenic Byways
(Refuges need to be along a national or state designated byway).

Recreational Trails Program

Last Updated: January 15, 2009
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