Hatchie National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I apply for the refuge deer quota hunt?
    The refuge accepts applications for the deer quota hunt during the month of July. Applicants submit a U.S. Postal Service post card (see example under Quota Deer Gun Hunt ) with full legal name and address of each applicant (only three may apply on the same card) to the refuge. Public drawing is held at the refuge office in August (please see refuge brochure for date). Only selected parties are notified by mail.
  • When does your annual flood season start end?
    The greatest amount of rainfall generally occurs Nov-Feb, although it may occur as early as Oct. and last into June.
  • What's the current water level of the Hatchie River?
    There are two locations on the Hatchie River. Click Hatchie River Water Levels to see water levels at Bolivar (upper river) and Rialto (lower river), TN.
  • When will flooded roads re-open on the refuge?
    Roads re-open when public safety can be assured. Updates are posted on our general information extension, after hours call 731/772-0501, ext 227.
  • Does the refuge allow camping or have facilities?
    There is no camping or camping facilities on the refuge. However, there are hotel accommodations at Exit 56 and camping just a few miles from the refuge on I-40 east at Exit 68.
  • Can you provide a tour of the refuge or meet with our group about the refuge?
    Yes. The refuge provides educational, interpretive, and informational opportunities to a host of civil, non-government, and educational organizations. Anyone or group interested must contact the refuge manager to set up dates and times.
  • How many eagles are sighted on Hatchie NWR?
    The number varies depending on weather conditions and winter season. General sightings of 2–4 Bald eagles and 1-2 Golden eagles start around December through June each year. The Refuge now has the 1st recorded nesting pair of Bald Eagles recorded in Haywood County. Nesting beings in late Dec/Jan and fledging occurs in May/June.
  • Where can I get waterfowl counts on Hatchie NWR?
    Bi-Weekly waterfowl surveys are conducted from Nov. 1 through March 15 of every year. Surveys are posted on Hatchie NWR’s web page the day following the count.
  • When is the refuge open to the public?
    Access for hunting, fishing and other public use is permitted on the 11,556 acres during daylight hours, except as may be regulated by other provisions, by signs or such as designated waterfowl sanctuary areas that are closed each year from Nov. 15 through Mar. 15 to all public access.
  • Are ATVs allowed on the refuge?
    No. Only legally licensed vehicles are allowed on refuge roads as shown on map. OFF-Road Motorized vehicles are prohibited.
  • Are dogs/pets allowed on the refuge?
    Yes. All dogs used for hunting on refuge lands must wear a collar displaying the owner’s name, address and telephone number. All other dogs/pets must be kept under control while on refuge lands.
  • While on the refuge, are we allowed to collect plants, bones, etc. that we see?
    No. All natural, historical and archaeological features are protected by federal law. Searching for or removing any object of antiquity including arrowheads, pottery or other artifacts is prohibited.



Last updated: April 15, 2014