Great Plains Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office
Mountain-Prairie Region

The Great Plains FWCO provides fish and wildlife management technical assistance to federal agencies such as the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, and all of the Tribes and National Wildlife Refuges within South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas. Technical assistance includes:

  • Conducting research and management activities leading to the recovery of federally listed threatened and endangered species such as pallid sturgeon.
  • Evaluating paddlefish stocking programs to develop management recommendations that maximize survival of hatchery-reared fish.
  • Conducting research and developing management strategies for biologically controlling aquatic nuisance species that negatively impact aquatic habitat and recreational fisheries.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the impacts of modified flows and water temperatures from the operation of Missouri River dams on populations of fish and other aquatic species.
  • Providing technical assistance to Federal Agencies and Tribes on the management of recreational fisheries on lands under their jurisdiction.
Last updated: March 23, 2011