The Fish and Wildlife Service administers a variety of programs that award grants and cooperative agreements to commercial organizations, foreign entities, Indian tribal governments, individuals, institutions of higher education, non-profit organizations and state and local governments. 

Click here to access the list of Fish and Wildlife Service financial assistance program profiles in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA). 

  • Use the Advanced Search feature to filter the list by eligible recipient type and other criteria. 
  • See the Information Contacts section of each program profile for program-specific points of contact. 
  • Please contact the office that administers the program for application instructions and any other questions about the program.
Below are links to some Fish and Wildlife Service financial assistance program websites:

Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program

Endangered Species Grants

International Conservation Programs

North American Wetlands Conservation Act

Partners for Fish and Wildlife

Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Programs

Fish and Wildlife Service Financial Assistance Award Terms and Conditions 
Acceptance of a financial assistance award (i.e. grant or cooperative agreement) from the Fish and Wildlife Service, Department of the Interior carries with it the responsibility to be aware of and comply with the terms and conditions of award. Acceptance is defined as the start of work, drawing down funds, or accepting the award via electronic means. Awards are based on the application submitted to and approved by the Service. Awards from the Service are subject to the terms and conditions incorporated into the award either by direct citation or by reference to the following: Federal regulations; program legislation or regulation; and special award terms and conditions. The Service financial assistance award terms and conditions flow down to subrecipients and contractors, unless a particular award term or condition specifically indicates otherwise.

Click on the links below for the current and previous versions of the Service’s Financial Assistance Award Terms and Conditions:

Effective as of December 26, 2014

Effective as of August 7, 2014

Effective as of February 21, 2014

Refer to the terms and conditions in effect as of the signature date on your Notice of Award from the Service, unless the Service has amended/amends your award to incorporate new/revised terms and conditions. For awards issued before February 21, 2014, refer to the terms and conditions referenced in your Notice of Award from the Service.

2 CFR 200 Uniform Guidance Implementation – Effective Dates FAQs

For questions related to Fish and Wildlife Service financial assistance policy and oversight, contact us at  Please do not submit applications for financial assistance to this email address.  To search for funding opportunities and apply for Federal financial assistance, go to the official United States government financial assistance portal at

Anyone with knowledge of fraud, waste, abuse, misconduct, or mismanagement involving the Fish and Wildlife Service should call or write the Department of the Interior’s Office of the Inspector General Complaint Hotline

Fish and Wildlife Service Financial Assistance Wiki Home Page

Guidance for applicants and recipients on indirect costs and Negotiated Indirect Cost Rate Agreements

All Service grant and cooperative agreement applicants except individuals applying for funds separate from a business or non-profit organization he/she may operate must include in their application a statement that reflects their indirect cost rate circumstance.

Below are links to other Internet resources related to Federal grants and cooperative agreements:

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)

Department of the Interior-Indirect Cost Rate Services Office

Department of the Interior-Office of Acquisition & Property Management

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