Grand Bay National Wildlife Refuge
Conserving the Nature of America

"Herps" (or sometimes "herptiles" or "herpetofauna") include reptiles and amphibians. Herps require quality wetland habitat for their survival and they also serve as important indicators of environmental health. A number of species of reptiles and amphibians occur on the refuge, including those listed below.

Herp Photos


Reptiles (Turtles and Crocodilians)
Reptiles (Lizards & Snakes)
Southern Cricket Frog
American Alligator
Eastern Slender Glass Lizard
Oak Toad
Graptemys unidentified
Eastern Glass Lizard
Southern Toad
Common Snapping Turtle
Southern Fence Lizard
Gulf Coast Toad
Alligator Snapping Turtle
Green Anole
Eastern Narrowmouth Toad
Eastern Mud Turtle
Southern Coal Skink
Bird-voiced Treefrog
River Cooter
Five-lined Skink
Cope's Gray Treefrog
Mississippi Redbelly Turtle
Southeastern Five-lined Skink
Green Treefrog
Gulf Coast Box Turtle
Ground Skink
Pinewoods Treefrog
Three-toed Box Turtle
Six-lined Racerunner
Barking Treefrog
Red-eared Slider
Northern Scarlet Snake
Squirrel Treefrog
Gopher tortoise
Southern Black Racer
Gray Treefrog
Corn Snake
Spring Peeper
Gray Rat Snake
Southern Chorus Frog
Rainbow Snake
Crawfish Frog
Western Mud Snake
Pickerel Frog
Eastern Hognose Snake
Southern Leopard Frog
Speckled Kingsnake
Scarlet Kingsnake
Bronze Frog
Eastern Coachwhip
Pig Frog
Green Water Snake
One-toed Amphiuma
Broad-banded Water Snake
Two-toed Amphiuma
Banded Water Snake
Dwarf Salamander
Rough Green Snake
Eastern Lesser Siren
Black Pine Snake
Gulf Crayfish Snake
Pinewoods Snake
Eastern Ribbon Snake
Western Earth Snake
Southern Copperhead
Western Cottonmouth
Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake
Dusky Pygmy Rattlesnake