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National Wildlife Refuge and Hatchery Boundaries

These datasets depict the USFWS approved acquisition boundaries and USFWS managed lands, (National Wildlife Refuge and Hatchery Boundaries).

The intended application of these data layers is as a cadastral framework for use with other data layers in GIS and mapping applications. It is not intended to be used as a land survey or representation of land for conveyance or tax purposes. The primary source for this information is the USFWS Realty program. Next scheduled update - May 2014.

Lands Mapper

If you need further information please contact the Cadastral Data Working Group.

USFWS Cadastral Geodatabase (55 MB zipped) - This comprehensive geodatabase contains USFWS Approved, USFWS Interest (FWS fee title lands only) and Special Designations. (May 2014 Data)

Cadastral Data Web Service - Public map service (May 2014 Data)

USFWS Approved Acquisition Shapefile - Boundaries that are approved for acquisition by USFWS. (May 2014 Data)
USFWS Approved Acquisition Metadata (HTML format)

USFWS Interest Shapefile - USFWS fee title lands only. (May 2014 Data)
USFWS Interest Metadata (HTML format)

Special Designation Shapefile - Other boundary designations, such as Wilderness and Wild & Scenic Rivers, that occur on USFWS managed land. (May 2014 Data)
Special Designation Metadata (HTML format)

USFWS Simplified Boundaries - FWS Interest only, owned by FWS, simple boundary outlines. (May 2014 Data)
USFWS Simplified Boundaries Metadata (HTML format)

USFWS Wildlife Refuge Boundaries Web Service - Public map service (February 2014 Data)

Example of Approved Acquistion Boundary
Example of USFWS interest Boundary

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Last updated: June 12, 2014