Gavins Point National Fish Hatchery and Aquarium
Mountain-Prairie Region
Gavins Point Aquarium: (Photos clockwise from left) Interior view of aquarium, Aquarium building, Bluegills in tank

The AquariumAquarium building

The aquarium displays up to 50 native and introduced species in 13 large tanks and several smaller tanks. The aquarium is also equipped with several educational displays to help visitors learn more about fish.


In the aquarium, visitors become part of the aquatic environment as fish and turtles slowly swim within the numerous fish tanks. The native and introduced species are displayed in tanks that mimic natural environments, captivating both new and returning visitors alike.


Many school groups tour the aquarium and observe fish movements, physical adaptations, and aquatic ecology in this "living classroom". Aquarium personnel interpret the natural history for hundreds of school children, college students, and other groups each year. Exhibits and displays located in the aquarium building explain the work and objectives of the hatchery.