Fact Sheet: sGnRHa INAD 11-375

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last updated: 1 December 2011

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Objective/purpose: Collect supportive and pivotal data needed to establish the effectiveness of sGnRHa/Ovaplant® to induce gamete maturation in a variety of fish species.
Drug name: Ovaplant®; Salmon Gonadotropin - Releasing Hormone analogue
[Des-Gly10, D-Arg6, Trp7, Leu8] - LHRH, ethyl amide)
Source of drug: Western Chemical, Inc.
Address: 1269 Lattimore Road
Ferndale, WA 98248 USA
Contact: Attention: Jim Brackett
Toll Free: 800-283-5292
Tel: 360-384-5898
email: brackett@wchemical.com
webpage: http://www.syndel.com/
Target pathogen(s): Not Applicable
Method of administration: Pellet-implant treatment
Treatment dosage: 10 - 75 micrograms sGnRHa per kilogram body weight
Treatment regimen: Implant: Single treatment
Withdrawal period: Implant: No Release. All treated broodfish must be maintained indefinitely or destroyed.
Required test parameters: Investigator must collect data reporting percent ovulation and/or percent spermiation in treated fish. Investigator should also report general fish behavior and any adverse effects relating to treatment.
Limitations or restrictions on use: Investigator must follow all instructions in the Study Protocol for INAD 11-375 regarding drug acquisition and handling, fish treatment and disposition, and data reporting requirements.

Drug discharge must be in compliance with local NPDES permitting requirements.
Required INAD fee: $400.00 per facility per year
AADAP contact for other information: Ms. Bonnie Johnson, FWS - AADAP
Phone: 406-994-9905
Fax: 406-582-0242

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