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Volume 8-3; December 2012 (PDF format)

Our quarterly Newsletter is intended to be a companion publication to our website, providing complementary information, but often not as current as you will find on our website. The Newsletter will be "short and sweet" and it will include a suite of routine features.

Our intent is to provide to you an encapsulated version of much of what is happening in the aquaculture drug approval arena. Our hope is that we can offer this in a format that will be informative, but not overwhelming. And, if our resident cowboy has anything to say about it, it may even be comical at times. If you want or need more detailed information, look at other areas of this website or contact us.

As in the case of our website, please take some ownership of the AADAP Newsletter; i.e., make sure that if you would like to say something for all to read, or that if there is other information out there that should be shared, contact us to make meaningful changes or to add information to an edition.

All issues of the AADAP Newsletter will be archived and can be accessed by clicking here.

Volume 8-3; December 2012 (PDF format)


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