18th Annual USFWS
Aquaculture Drug Approval Coordination Workshop

Tuesday, 30 July 2012
La Crosse, Wisconsin

last updated: 17 August 2012

Hosted by USGS's Upper MIdwest Environmental Sciences Center


The following were presented at the Workshop and are available for viewing and/or downloading. Titles denoted as underlined are active links to the specfic presentation:

Brief Agency Overviews/Updates:

USGS Overview presented by Mike Jawson for Cindy Kolar
USFWS Overview presented by Todd Turner
FDA Overview presented by Jennifer Matysczak
AFWA/DAWG Overview presented by Steve Sharon

State/Private/Federal Perspective of Drug Approval Needs:

State Hatchery Perspective presented by Gary Whelan, Michigan DNR
Private Producer Perspective presented by Randy MacMillan, Clear Springs Foods
Federal Hatchery Perspective presented by Doug Aloisi, USFWS, Genoa NFH

Drug Updates:

AQUI-S®20E presented by Tom Goodrich, Randal Phillips, Jeff Meinertz and Jim Bowker
HALAMID®AQUA presented by Steve Sharon, Mark Gaikowski and Jim Bowker
35% PEROX-AID® presented by Grace Karreman, Maren Tuttle-Lau and Jim Bowker
AQUAFLOR® presented by Dick Endris, Maren Tuttle-Lau, Jeff Meinertz and Jim Bowker
SLICE® (emamectin benzoate) presented by Dick Endris and Niccole Wandelear
MASCULINIZING FEED FOR TILAPIA® (17 a-methyltestosterone) presented by
Mark Gaikowski and Jim Bowker
BENZOAK® (benzocaine) presented by George Kohan, Jeff Meinertz and Dan Carty
PARASITE-S® (formalin) presented by Grace Karreman, Maren Tuttle-Lau and Jim Bowker
AQUAMYCIN® 100 (erythromycin) presented by Mark Gaikowski and Dan Carty
TRIANGLE BRAND® (copper sulfate) presented by Dave Straus
CAIROX® (potassium permanganate) presented by Steve Sharon
Channel catfish spawning aids (channel catfish pituitary and LHRHa) presented by Jim Bowker
TERRAMYCIN 200 FOR FISH® (oxytetracycline medicated feed) presented by Maren Tuttle-Lau
PENNOX 200® (oxytetracycline dihydrate medicated feed) presented by Tom Bell
PENNOX 343® (oxytetracycline hydrochloride) presented by Tom Bell

Presentation addressing efficient generation of drug-approval data

Systematic review as a potential tool for literature review/analysis presented by Susan Storey
Drug approval concerns for flow-through, recirculating, pond and net-pen rearing systems presented by Eric Silberhorn, Julia Oriani and Jen Matysczak
Using data from fresh/salt water drug studies in salt/freshwater approvals presented by Jim Bowker


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