17th Annual USFWS
Aquaculture Drug Approval Coordination Workshop

Tuesday, 2 August 2011 - Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bozeman, Montana

Hosted by USFWS's Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership Program


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Speaker presentations (25 August 2011)

Photographic collage of meeting & associated activities (25 August 2011)

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FIRST Announcement for Workshop (31 March 2011)

FINAL Announcement for Workshop (10 May 2011)

Call for Papers (5 April 2011)

Abbreviated Workshop Week Schedule & Extracurricular Activities (25 July 2011 )

2nd Annual "Trout Trot" fun run/walk details (27 June 2011)

Workshop Hotel information (5 April 2011)

Detailed FINAL Agenda for Workshop (26 July 2011)


Fillable pdf file to download; mail, FAX or email to USFWS's Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership Program (5 April 2011)

On-line registration form (5 April 2011)

Bozeman & Misc. Information

Bozeman Area Accommodations (5 April 2011)

Local activities & related Bozeman area links (5 April 2011)

Map of all hotels near Workshop hotel (5 April 2011)

Map to get from Workshop to Bozeman Fish Tech Center (5 April 2011)


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Discussion Session with CVM to
Develop Strategies to Resolve
Drug Approval and Post Approval Issues

Monday, 1 August 2011, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Final Agenda (21 July 2011)


American Fisheries Society
Working Group on Aquaculture Drugs, Chemicals & Biologics

Wednesday, 3 August 2011, 10:30 - 11:30 am

Preliminary Agenda (25 July 2011)



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