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This section, like that in our Newsletter, will contain information aimed at helping INAD investigators/cooperators maximize the effectiveness of the use of INAD drugs, as well as maximize the usefulness of the data generated during your INAD studies. This section will have the same informational tidbits found in our Newsletter, but will have in addition detailed worksheets and fact sheets to further enhance the value of the information snippets. We hope the following will help you to help us to help you. Rather than adding new information to an existing set, we will divide it into sections, each section approximating that published in each AADAP Newsletter issue. The following sections are accordingly labelled with AADAP Newsletter Volume numbers, and are accessed by clicking on the link.

Volume 1-2
Volume 1-3
Volume 2-1
Volume 2-2
Volume 2-3
Volume 2-4
volume 3-1
Volume 3-2
Volume 3-3
Volume 4-1
Volume 4-2
Volume 4-3
Volume 5-1
Volume 5-2
Volume 5-3
Volume 6-1
Volume 6-2
Volume 6-3
Volume 7-1
Volume 7-2
Volume 7-3

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