Fins & Tails, Bits & Bobbers ... Vol 7-3

New Treatment-Use Authorizations received for AQUAFLOR®: With prior approval from the AADAP Office, salmonids can now be treated under INAD #10-697 at 15 mg florfenicol per kg of fish per day for coldwater disease! Please note that if you intend to treat at this dose, you must provide to the AADAP Office signed documentation from a licensed veterinarian verifying the need for treatment at the
15 mg per kg dose. For additional information, please contact Bonnie Johnson (

The AADAP Office has also recently established AQUAFLOR® INAD #12-061, which is only for use in lobster. The treatment regimen is for use at 10 or 15 mg per kg body weight per day for 10 consecutive days.

2012 INAD enrollment: We once again apologize for the delay in launching the INAD Program Management System (IPMS) - Online Data Reporting database. Although we are keeping our fingers crossed, the current plan is for all facilities and monitors to be able to create their accounts in the IPMS mid-December 2011, and subsequently all 2012 INAD data (study requests, drug receipts, reports, and INAD drug inventory) will be entered directly into the IPMS. Once the IPMS is ready to be used, an email will be sent out to all current INAD participants with more detailed information and instructions for using the IPMS.

End of the Year INAD Forms due: If you have not already done so, please send in all Form 2’s (Drug Inventory Form) and Form 3’s (Results Report Form) for each of the INAD drugs that were used at your facilities for INAD Year 2011. Note: If your facility was signed-up on an INAD, but the INAD drug was not actually used, a Form 2 is still required showing either the amount of drug on hand or that no use occurred.















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